Online Options for Graduate Study

Online Options for Graduate Study

In today's busy world, many adults interested in graduate education may not feel they have the time to pursue it. Online education makes it possible for individuals to pursue graduate education without neglecting other areas of life including work, family, and private time. Online graduate programs are available in dozens of program areas. Online MBAs are one of the most popular degree programs out there, but online students interested in areas outside of business need not worry.

For those individuals that have employment and family related situations that would otherwise prohibit them from seeking a graduate education, online graduate school is the perfect solution. Additionally, online graduate schools enable you to get a degree as fast - or as slow - as you would like. Online graduate and masters programs give working adults the opportunity to further their careers.

In years past, online education may not have been considered as credible as traditional education. Today however, many employers today show credence towards online education; several now offer tuition reimbursement for employees that take online courses. In fact, a majority of employers now value graduates of online programs because it shows that the individual has the drive to achieve goals despite the odds.

Pursuing a graduate degree online is often a comfortable choice for students who have work and family commitments, or who live too far from a campus to make a daily commute. Studying online allows students access to quality, accredited programs, but on their schedule. Thanks to technology, you can participate in class and complete course work via email and instant messenger at any time of day or night. Degrees awarded through online study usually are no different than those awarded through on-campus study, and many employers report online students make diligent, dedicated employees.

Online graduate degrees cover a vast array of disciplines.

The University of Illinois Online also offers a variety of master's degree programs, including a master of science in environmental studies, computer science, mechanical engineering, educational leadership, and management information systems.

Online graduate programs often have some kind of campus visit requirement, such as once per semester or once during the program for testing or other program components. Many programs, however, never require a student to set foot on campus, which is typically the appeal of an online program.

Our directory here at provides a comprehensive look at the vast array of online graduate degrees available to students as well as more information about each program.

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