Interview with Ms. Jo Buffalo, Division Chair of Visual Communications

Interview with Ms. Jo Buffalo, Division Chair of Visual Communications

at Cazenovia College

  1. What advantages do employees with a graduate degree in the visual arts bring to your company?
    For a full time position in teaching, they would not be considered without the degree.
  2. Are there specific positions at your business that must be filled by employees with a graduate degree?
    Tenure track teaching positions.
  3. When considering candidates for employment, how important is their graduate school's reputation?
    It is less important than their portfolio and job experience; however, the school must be be an accredited institution.
    What advice can you give to graduating MA/MFA students on how to find and get the best job?
    Networking is the key. Start at the bottom, learn about the business and establish relationships - then move up.
  4. Do you recruit from any specific art schools/colleges for employees? Why or why not?
    No, we have national searches that are advertised.
  5. What's the salary range for a newly-hired MA/MFA graduate?
  6. How is the job market right now for MA/MFA graduates?
    Good. We hired two new people for last year.
  7. Tell us about some of your MA/MFA employees.
    Our new hires are teaching in visual Communications.
  8. What does your company do?
    Teach and give college degrees.

Employer Profile: Cazenovia College

Number of Employees: 125

Salary range for your MA/MFA graduates: MFA is a terminal degree so there are new hires at $35,000 and there are full professors at $65,000

Degrees important to your hiring decisions: MFA, MS, MA

Your Mission: Prepare young people for their careers.

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