FAQs About Top Graduate Schools

FAQs About Top Graduate Schools

When is the best time to go to graduate school? Right after finishing a bachelor degree program, or after working for a few years?

There is no definitive answer. There are some careers in which a master's degree, doctorate, or professional degree is required before you can start work, but in many other cases, it's purely up to you. The best time is when it feels right to you. If you are ready to commit to a degree program and can successfully balance working and going to school, go for it!

How can I fit graduate school in with my demanding job?

You should consider an online graduate degree. Studying online offers you a world of convenience and flexibility. You can study at home, within the limits of your own schedule. An online program allows you to complete lessons and assignments at your leisure, an ideal match for students who are committed to a full-time job.

What is the difference between an online graduate degree and one earned on a college campus?

There really isn't a difference in the degree itself. Your diploma will name you as a graduate of said school and will not designate you a graduate of an online program. The only real difference between online and on-campus is where the class lessons are being given. On-campus students learn from a live instructor; online students learn through online tools, such as message boards and email.

How can I judge the quality of an online program?

A great way to determine how good an online program is to look at the success of its graduates. Contact the career services departments of the schools you are interested in and see what kind of statistics they have available. Many schools survey their graduates a year after graduation and publish statistics on how many graduates were employed at graduation, as well as three, six, and nine months after graduation. They also may have survey results gauging how their alumni feel about the quality of their school and their overall experience. For more about how to check on the quality of online degree programs, read "How to Check for a High Quality Online Degree Program" from our partner site, OnlineSchools.net.

Will I have to take any kind of exam to be admitted to graduate school?

Many graduate schools do require some sort of aptitude test as part of their admissions criteria, such as the MCAT for medical school or the GRE for general graduate admissions. For more about the admission tests required for graduate school admissions, please read "Graduate School Testing" from our partner site, GraduateSchools.net.

What kind of financial aid programs are available for graduate school?

There are a number of aid programs graduate students can apply for. Federal aid programs include the PLUS loan for students and Stafford loans. Other programs offered by individual schools include grants, fellowships, and teaching assistantships. Many graduate students who have full-time jobs might have a tuition reimbursement benefit offered through their employers.

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