Career Possibilities in Criminal Justice

Career Possibilities in Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement Agents: Police officers, detectives, sheriffs, and various government agents help comprise the field of law enforcement. Law enforcement personnel are charged with maintaining order and protecting citizens and property. They work to prevent crime, investigate criminal activity, and collect evidence to help prosecute criminal offenders.

Correctional Officers: Correctional officers are responsible for maintaining security and accountability in prisons to prevent escapes, assaults, and other disturbances. They oversee both those who are serving sentences and those awaiting trials.

Probation Officers: Probation officers are responsible for supervising criminal offenders who are serving probation or are on parole and ensure they are compliant with the terms of their sentences and assist with measures such as job placement or drug counseling.

Correctional Treatment Specialists: Correctional treatment specialists work with inmates and those released on parole or probation to ensure proper progress is being made through educational and training programs, anger management classes, and drug counseling.

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